Kid Cudi Entergalactic Hoodie


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Kid Cudi Entergalactic Hoodie

Kid Cudi Entergalactic Hoodie For Men and Women from KiD CuDi Merch at Best Price with Amazing 50% Discount. 100% High-Quality Product.

Kid Cudi Cactus plant flea market Entergalactic hoodie

Hot on the heels of partnerships with Kanye West for the Jesus Is King collection and a “No Filter” tour capsule for the Rolling Stones, CPFM’s latest effort sees the enigmatic label issuing a single item for Cudi’s new LP. It may only be one piece, but the hoodie comes loaded with details.

Enter Galactic Fluorescent Green Stars Kid Cudi Hoodie

Made in the USA and constructed of 14oz pigment-dyed cotton (producing unique color results on each hoodie), the garment features a plethora of puff-printed stars on the chest, back, hood, and sleeves. These are overlaid by a throwback-style digital font, with prints that include an abstract “Entergalactic” on the chest, “Kid Cudi ‘19” on the left sleeve and “Long Beach” on the right sleeve. The back is a meditation-of-sorts on love, stating “Love will guide us all, love will teach us all, love will hurt us all, love will heal us all, love will find us all.”

Kid Cudi and Cactus Plant Flea Market’s “Entergalactic” hoodie

The entirety of these printed details glow in the dark — save for a portion of the back’s text, which simply displays “Guide Teach Hurt Heal Find,” distilling both the hoodie’s design and impending album’s message of loving and learning into a succinct five words.

Kid Cudi and Cactus Plant Flea Market’s “Entergalactic” hoodie is available now on KiD CuDi Merch. The retail price is set at $200 USD and each hoodie will ship 4-5 weeks after being ordered.


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